Hello and Welcome!

I have a blog and I strongly believe that all good developers are supposed to have a blog.

Let me start with the most obvious reasons. General writing and communication skills are critical to becoming a good developer. Writing about your problems and how you solved them implicitly gives you time to reflect and analyse them.

Learning how to program starts with books, teachers and the Internet. Discussing techniques, technology, tools, architecture and all things development related with other people also has an enormous benefit. You can learn from others’ mistakes, find great solutions to your own problems, get feedback on your own work and expand into areas you don’t already know about. Being involved in the programming community online helps you stay up to date and to keep current with best practices.

Ever since I started getting into development I’ve been reading technology sites. Commenting and contributing ideas and getting feedback that helps me grow as a developer. Then I moved to more specialised sites for programming geared to the discussion around articles rather than having articles and insight fed to me unquestioned.

Now I’m starting this blog, where I can spill out my ideas and discuss the things on my mind right now, rather than contribute to other peoples' thoughts. So this is what my site is. My own personal scratching post. The programming community is brimming with other like-minded and eager developers keen for insights and if you enjoy discussing such subjects in the pub, a blog is a natural extension. Only that it forces you to be less verbose.

To give you a little insight in my workings, I’m a huge fan of being critical. It’s one of the most important lessons I took from University. The ability to see flaws in other peoples’ code and ideas help you develop your own critical awareness skills, giving you the ability to criticise and improve your own ideas and code. Discussion is important.

Please feel free to contact me at the following email address: website at philliptaylor.net