2012-06-01 Blog Introduction
Welcome to my blog.

2012-06-04 Know your database
Its performance always affects your applications.

2012-06-04 Patchwork
Hack AlertAn interesting software idea I had.

2012-06-04 My Github account
Wading through the cruft on my github account.

2012-06-04 Why I advocate blind code reviews
Review code as if you are discovering it for the first time.

2012-06-04 Farmix
Hack AlertAn introduction to my hobby operating system.

2012-07-21 Why C++
Why I like C++.

2012-08-28 Agile Breakdown Impedience
How do you breakdown a task into a series of Agile stories under an epic?

2012-09-27 The cost of catching a bug at compile time
Development speed and software quality of a static language vs a dynamic one that also has a test suite.

2012-11-03 The egg and batter argument
Microsoft don't get version control.

2012-11-04 Should I go to university if I want to be a programmer?

2012-11-04 Linux vs Windows on security
Linux's edge on security features.

2012-06-11 Making code reviews successful
My tips for code review culture.

2012-11-18 Limit developers per branch
Number of developers per branch corrolates to branch stability.

2013-01-06 Counterargument The GPL isnt as free as the BSD license
Do you have the right to stop other people giving away their rights?

2013-03-24 Fragmentation is not killing Linux
You can't force people to cooperate.

2013-08-13 Exception Safety Presentation
PresentationThe basics of exception safety and how to use techniques such as RAII and Copy-and-Swap

2014-07-20 KDE Konsole's Scrollmarks
Hack AlertOne of the first hacks to KDE's Konsole I've done.

2014-07-21 KDE Konsole's With JIRA Integration
Hack AlertJIRA is a project management / bug tracker. This simple hard-coded hack has vastly improved my productivity.

2014-09-09 Liberating myself from Google and others
First steps in hosting my own personal cloud services and taking back control of my mobile.

2014-09-29 Why now is a good time to buy a NAS device
Before you end up with 50GB of data in the hands of cloud providers, current NAS devices provide a surprisingly polished alternative.

2015-06-23 Port-Knocking protection for websites
Hack AlertAdd a layer of protection to the web applications you use.

2015-06-29 Reactive Streams
Is consumer driven upstream processing good?

2015-11-29 Why Debian over Ubuntu
A few simple reasons