Why Debian over Ubuntu

At least twice someone has posed the question of "why would someone choose Debian over Ubuntu?". Ubuntu is a downstream distribution of Debian adding many more features. Among those features are support for more up-to date packages, a better chance of hardware working out-of-the-box, and other goodies.

  1. For me, I appreciate the minimal install and choosing all my software, as opposed to Ubuntu's install our favourite apps by default. Just feels like my base system is a little cleaner.
  2. Secondly it feels like I probably have a more consistent OS. With each downstream fork it feels like a new team with new aims and different goals. Debian is a "base" system so I know they should be able answer for everything.
  3. Debian's social contract, community, documentation and access to mailing groups feel open, the contributors reasoned and matured.
  4. Finally I like the idea of the largest community organised project as opposed to feeling like I'm drinking a corporation's soda and I'll take whatever ingredients go in, such as an unstable mir, upstart, amazon search etc etc.
  5. Debian is just rock solid. Almost every error ends up documented by someone else somewhere on the Internet.

Just for record, those are my opinions and I don't actually tell people to install Debian over Ubuntu. I appreciate Ubuntu has a higher chance of working out-of-the-box and is very stable too. Not to mention a lot of free software from Github works seamlessly too.

I very much envy Kubuntu for shipping such a recent version of KDE. I've wanted to contribute to KDE for a long time I feel that's the best platform to do so with.