Adding a “scrollmarks” feature to KDE’s Konsole

Most of them are successful but rarely see the light of day outside of my work machine. They only have to help me to be worth it. I’ve hacked Konsole in a number of ways, Bash, DWM and generally anything that gets in my way. My desktop setup is incredibly unique due to that fact that quite a lot of software I’ve compiled solely for myself now.

Every now and again it feels good to write a blog post capturing a failed project I’d attempted. Especially the ones that originally excited me, the ones I thought may go back up to mainstream. That’s the only time I consider my tinkering to be a failure. Even if those projects never go mainstream, a blog post explaining my thoughts and capturing the attempt makes a good read for my own nostalgia.

Below is a capture of KDE’s reviewboard. It provides a good introduction to the feature. At the bottom of the page I’ll conclude on why it didn’t work, as is.

In Action

It’s impossible to grasp the feature from an image, but here’s an image, never-the-less.



Again, for my own nostalgia, here is the diff, an image of the diff is provided. An original link to KDE’s reviewboard post is here and if you’d like to try the code out, the source code is available on my github account.

Thank you.

Phillip Taylor