Lets not make Matchmaking a Fad

Personally the idea that resetting Matchmaking ranks every “season” seems absurd to me for a few reasons:

It takes longer than a season to get good at this game. Resetting people’s ranks mean they cannot judge their progression. Are they getting better or are they playing against crapper opponents?

People already complain continuously about rank decay – losing their rank through absence is a problem. Now you want rank decay for no reason?

The point of rank is to keep Silvers and high skilled players apart so games a evenly levelled and fun for all parties. A rank reset creates an games that are boring for good players and soul destroying for bad ones. It will increase hacking accusations ten fold.

I have personally been working towards getting Global for 4 years. I am Supreme. If my rank were reset I would never play MM again and just go straight to third parties.

After the first or second season – no one will bother investing in their skill or their rank. There’s just no point since it’s a perpetual grind with no chance of getting out at the top. It’s something to appease people who aren’t counterstrike fans but people who want to grind hard for their summer holiday from school and then walk away from the game forever with their screenshot.

Right now there’s plenty of ways to enjoy playing Counterstrike, Team leagues like ESEA, competitive ladders with FaceIT, static rank buckets with Matchmaking and good old fashioned community servers. You’re asking for something that’s available right now on FaceIT, so just go and do it. These things cost less per month than a cinema ticket. You don’t need to beg Valve for a free-clone of FaceIT, you can just pay FaceIT.

I have the same qualms about other requests. If you can fix a problem by “throwing money at it” then you should. If you want to play new maps, or build a community, or create mods and change the game in any other way – community servers cost practically nothing and offer you a way to do those things. You can literally play 5v5 unranked with no leaving penalty any time you want for less than the price of a packet of cigarettes

It’s better for Valve and for us to have companies like ESEA and FaceIT competing and engaging the community and listening to the things we want. If we truly want a “friendly” experience there are people out trying to capitalise and grow those communities, such as Hongonguagnes ECL league. It’s better to have innovation and competition and companies continuously reworking their solutions for our benefits than to have Valve step in, kill the market and leave us with only Matchmaking going forwards. Even if it’s the matchmaking system you dream of, it will still have problems. One of those problems is the anticheat.

Finally, these “modern” systems are merely a fashion with changing opinions over time. Today you want ladders with prizes, next you’ll be focused on the league side of things. You’ll want team access into minor or major play offs etc. Let’s not change things on a whim, repeatedly over time. Let Valve concentrate on Source 2 and let FaceIT and ESEA experiment with matchmaking systems and let players vote with their cash and see who wins in the long run.

Finally, I do think Matchmaking should be moved to 128 ticket in line with professional games so that there becomes one source of truth for smokes, mollies etc.