Open In JIRA – 2021 Edition

If you’re developer who uses Linux for work and has an appreciation for command line tools, it’s likely you spend all day in apps like IRC, Mutt, use Vim, emacs, and git commands. All of which, are probably littered with references to your project management code. My company uses Jira but yours may very. 6-7 years ago I “hacked” KDE’s Konsole to add an “open in Jira” link to the Konsole and it was like enriching dozens of programs at once! Now IRC, Vim, git all benefited at once from a single change. See the image for screenshots

Konsole augments email
Konsole augments bash
Konsole augments IRC Chat
Konsole augments git log command

Checking out the latest dev version of Konsole on my path to reimplement the feature again I spot a new feature. The feature allows selected text to be used to open a URL:

KDE Konsole’s new search option

It appears to have a simple configuration for building simple urls

The feature is called Web Shortcuts and appears in Konsole 20.12.2 (and possibly earlier)

Huge thanks to the KDE Konsole team for this awesome feature! As a Debian Stable user I have no idea how long this has been around, but I love it! I don’t know how much publicity Konsole gets but I wanted to share!

As a serious command line user, like many Linux users, Konsole’s 3 killer features for me are:

  1. This open in JIRA thing
  2. Infinite scrollback
  3. Search output