Why I have a blog

I feel as if staying current with the latest technology is a difficult but necessary requirement for a computer programmer.

You have to know what new tools can speed up your development, what methodologies or practices reduce risk, and what good ideas underpin certain new products, likely destined to fail.

Staying up to date is difficult given the quantity of new tech emerging each day.

You can start by simply browsing tech sites in your lunch break. After reading a lot of content you eventually stop wanting to take these news sites’ word at face value. Community discussion sites such as Reddit where the community can share ideas and a reaction to new tech can really help you understand those technologies better.

News and Community discussion sites are great but you never really control and start the conversations on subjects that matter to you until you create your own blog site to make it so.

So that’s what this site is. A scratching post for my thoughts and way for me to lead conversations I wish to have. To share what I think is interesting.

There are other benefits for me too. I can work on my own writing skills which I feel is absolutely critical for a good software developer.

Writing a post also helps me arrange my thoughts on subjects too. It helps me summarise and think objectively about the topic. The ability to explain something well to others is often considered a proof of a person’s understanding.

I hope you enjoy my blog and start your own too!